New DUDOIR Sessions (Female Photographer)


Husband and wife photography team offers professional BOUDOIR & DUDOIR Sessions for Males & Females! We create exceptional sexy and intimate images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER Also available for Intimate Portrait Sessions & MALE BOUDOIR SESSIONS (DUDOIR)

Make an appointment today for your personal, private, professional photo shoot.

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Are you a Model, Actor or Entertainer?

Exceptional Photography For Models, Actors, Entertainers:

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A Client Testimonial...

"YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD TO BE SEXY! ... I just turned 57 and absolutely loved it. The pics are fantastic! The bedside book I made for my husband came out perfect. Best of all David made the whole experience fun, exciting and stress free. You don't have to be a skinny young model to be sexy and get great photos. Highly recommended. This is for everyone!"

- Peggy (from Dunwoody)

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David Lace - Atlanta's Zen Photographer

David's work has been described as "a unique and enlightening fusion of the erotic, mystical, spiritual, and the intellectual."

With a background in fine art and design, internationally recognized photographer David Lace has numerous credits in the fields of fashion, glamour, beauty, still life, and fine art.

David specializes in exceptional photography and portraiture for models, actors and entertainers. With over 20 years experience as a top fashion/beauty photographer David truly excels at creating stunning, sexy and unique images for his clients.

His lighting, posing and image retouching skills are unequaled. David's unique images have been featured on magazine covers, advertisements, numerous fashion and glamour publications and in art galleries worldwide.

While residing on the west coast (Venice Beach, California) he created award-winning photography for both the fine art world and commercial markets. His limited edition fine art prints have been widely published and shown in galleries worldwide.

David is widely known for his innovative use of creative and non-traditional lighting techniques, his unique flair for composition, and his stunning rich toned black & white images. With more than 20 years in the industry, he commands an exceptional understanding of both natural and artificial light with an eye the for the eclectic, erotic and beautiful.

A long time Zen practitioner, David is also an accomplished author, an animal rights & vegan activist, and a Raw Foods & Natural Health instructor/coach.  He leads and organizes Consciousness & Healing Foods seminars and workshops throughout the country.

OUT-OF-STATE SESSIONS - David is available for sessions worldwide. Please call or email for details.


"I absolutely love it. Whether I'm shooting a portrait, a commercial session or creating a still life image, photography is one of the things I do that still creates inside me the wonder, awe, and excitement of being a child, to be able with only a camera and lens to discover the beauty, magic and the connectedness that surrounds me." 

- David Lace

For additional info visit David's commercial photo and gallery sites (below):



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